Volunteer Rewards

We wouldn’t be able to put on our events without the help of volunteers.  To show our appreciation for your help, we’ve got a few different ways to hook you up with a big fat “THANK YOU!”. Depending on the event, volunteer shifts usually last around three to four hours, and we’ll have an Endurance Evolution shirt for you on race day.




If you’re an individual, not associated with a group, team, or business, we’ll hook you up with a coupon for 25% off an individual registration to a future Endurance Evolution event.  The coupons can even be shared with others! Come volunteer while your friend or family member races, and give them your coupon to use at our next event (or use it yourself).

Volunteer as an Individual Here:



For any non-profit group, such as a sports team, church group, or Boy Scout troop that helps us out, we’ll donate the following amounts based on how many people you bring along:

10 volunteers – $150
20 volunteers – $300
30 volunteers – $450
40 volunteers – $600

If you’ve got more than 40 people in your group, let us know.

Shoot us an email to hello (at) enduranceevolution.com.


Business Volunteers

If you’re looking for an economical way to give your business a little exposure at one of our events, we’ve got just the option for you.  Your business just needs to provide 4-6 adults to work an aid station at one of our events, and in return, we’ll place a linked logo to your business on our event website, allow you to put up your company banner/tent at the event and/or aid station, and wear your company shirts to promote your business during the race.

Ready to volunteer as a Business? Shoot us an email to hello (at) enduranceevolution.com


If you have any questions, shoot us an email at hello (at) enduranceevolution.com.